Bulking Vs Cutting

Bulking Vs Cutting Cycle

DESCRIPTION: If you’d been looking to understand the differences between Bulking vs Cutting Cycle and their importance in body building, this article answer some vital questions that will benefit you… PLUS learn essential supplements such as cutting steroids and non-steroids

Bulking vs Cutting Workout
An Intense Workout That Covers Both Bulking and Cutting Cycles

Overview of Bulking and Cutting Cycles

When it comes to body building, it’s extremely important to understand both of the major cycles.

Cutting doesn’t do you a while lot of good if you haven’t already bulked up, and if you’re going in competition, you had better be able to cut after bulking off to show off the extreme muscle detail that you need in order to look your very best.

Neither one of these cycles stands alone. If you are going to be doing your best in the world of competitive body building, then it’s critical you understand the bulking cycle versus cutting cycle.

About the Bulking Cycle

The bulking cycle is when the main focus is adding mass. During this cycle you’re not as concerned about putting on some fat, because you need extra calories in order to build up muscle.

You’re going to focus on heavy weight lifting, and not a lot of cardio. You will also eat, eat, eat, and that includes huge amounts of proteins, as well as carbs. The muscle definition won’t be there, but the size will be.

About the Cutting Cycle

Cutting Stack Combo
Cutting Stack Combo Pack

Cutting is when things change. You’ll still work with heavy weight lifting, but you’ll reduce calories and especially carbs to go deficit so you start shedding fat.

You may also add in some limited cardio to help with the process. As the fat comes off, that extra muscle that you put on while bulking with start showing strongly, and start showing in very high definition, as well.

This is where you get into “stage form” when it comes to professional body building, and cutting always follows bulking.

In Conclusion

Using both of these cycles together is how you are going to get the big-time results that you are dreaming of for those major competition days.

How To Increase Metabolic Rate

The Best Way to Trick Your Body to Increase its Metabolic Rate

Vital TIP: There are so many ways one can ‘speak’ to his or her body to naturally increase its metabolic rate for better and safer weight loss and slimmer you. Though pills and exercises are great, however this technique either stand alone or engender pills and workout to work even much better for you.

Workout ChartAmong the major factors that plays a crucial role in deciding how quickly you’ll gain muscle is your metabolic rate.

The metabolic rate in your body decides how quickly your body burns the Cal that’re put inside it.

In simple terms: the quicker your metabolic rate is, the faster you’ll be able to gain muscles.

But the fact is, most of the diets today cause your metabolic rate to slow down. The major reason for this is when you follow a certain diet, your body thinks that you’re starving.

As a result, it goes in the “starvation state”.

In this state, your body tends to do everything it possibly can for reducing the volume of Cal it loses in order to survive for the longest possible time. We call this as metabolic slow down.

Due to this single reason, more than 90 percent of the persons fail while following various diets.

They might be able to see results for a short period of time, but as time passes, their sluggish metabolic rate tends to increase the amount of fat in the body and the process is reversed.

So, it is very necessary for you to trick your metabolism in such a Healthy Foodway that it does not slow down.

It is not that tough to trick your metabolism, however you must understand how it’s done in order to avoid messing the things up.

Among the most effective methods in order to trick the metabolism to operate faster is by rotating your intake of carbohydrates. The process includes constantly altering the type and amount of carbohydrates which you consume from first day to the second one.

Such a process can be perfect in order to build muscle mass, achieve loss of fat quickly without starving your body senselessly.

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Weight Loss And The Common Myths

Weight loss has become such a common thing that everywhere you look there are things about weight loss, but it becomes quite difficult to differentiate between the truth and the myths. You will find some common myths regarding weight loss in this article.

The first one that is to be heard quite often is that the first step of weight loss is an efficient exercise program. No that is not true because kitchen is the place where weight loss begins. In order to achieve your desired weight is to start by making little changes in your lifestyle. It is true that along with a healthy diet, such as the e-factor diet you have to incorporate some activity as well. What you have to follow is eat more healthy and move more. If you want to learn more about this diet, then check out the following e-factor diet review.

People think and say that healthy food cost more and they cannot afford it, well that is not true. It is much cheaper to eat something healthy rather than eating the processed things. You will have to pay even more for a ready meal, which will also be harmful for you because it will be high in salt and fat as well.

Another one is to starve yourself if you want to lose weight. Well you will lose the weight, but you will not be able to keep it off for long. Once you will start eating, you will gain even more weight. It is extremely difficult to maintain the crash diets because once you start eating you will be eating even more. So make sure that you adopt a healthy life style rather than starving yourself.

Say no to snacks if you want to lose the extra pounds – here comes another one. Why not think about replacing the unhealthy snack instead of the ones packed with calories? You do not have to completely cut down on the snacks, they can be replaced by the healthy ones.

Drink lots and lots of water to lose weight fast – here is another one. Well it is somewhat true. Water is there to keep you hydrated which is definitely important for your health and replaces the urge of snacking. There are some people who get hungry and usually by mistake think that they are hungry and usually grab something to eat when all they want is a glass of water which is definitely calorie free.

These are not just all there are many many more and they are common as well. These are just a glimpse of some which are very popular. It is important to know that the initial step should start from the kitchen not from the gym. Control the eating habits first.

Put Together An Effective Fitness Regimen Using These Tips

There is a great number of individuals who are dedicated towards improving their fitness and working out. However, the truth is that only a few of them possess the appropriate regime to heed to. If you are one of them who is struggling with it, it could be almost impossible for you to achieve the results that you are aiming for. In order to reach your full fitness capacity, it is important to begin customizing your own workout plan and dedicate yourself fully to it. From here, you will find the tips you need to create a solid foundation that will move you forward.

What Does Your Body Need?

This is the point where the majority of people fail. If you are focused only on competing with another, you are likely to miss pertinent signals from your body.

It is necessary to learn and understand the body and how it works. For example, if joint pain prevents you from doing the bench press, then you might be able to do dumbbell chest presses instead of the barbell bench press. Of course you wouldn’t want to opt to do the bench presses just because that is possibly what everyone else is doing. The answer is no, of course you would choose dumbbell presses.

Intensity Rather Than Quantity

It is important to first define your goals before writing down your fitness routine. This could be something very simple; like gaining muscle or losing weight. If you would like to get a toned body, you need to make sure you are participating in intense workouts. Between goals it is a very common thread. You must increase the intensity when it comes to the amount of time you are spending in the gym.

An example of this would be doing 20 reps of one exercise while someone else does fewer reps of higher weights. The person doing less will actually be doing more. It simply offers good results with the overall work done being less.

It Is Essential To Have Good Timing

runningOne of the first mistakes most make is that they underestimate their workout regimen. Are you wondering what that means? A good example of such a mistake committed would be an individual who commences to workout two times a day for no reason. You do not have to work out twice a day to see results. For sure you see experts touting this type of workout routine, but for one they are used to doing it daily, and for two they use certain supplements along with the possibility of certain genetic differences. Any average person will not be able to achieve their workout objective in such a manner so there is no need to create workout regimens that advocate for this.

Aim to do as much as you can in the least possible time.

If you use this information to craft your own fitness regimen, you’ll more than likely put together an effective plan. Working out is important but the key to success is having the right routine to follow. People who jump right into a vigorous program of workouts without taking the time to establish an appropriate workout routine usually regret doing so. The tips that have been listed here can help you to maximize working out, whenever you workout or go to the gym. Don’t just go through the motions of exercise, make a plan and stick to it.

Take Care When Purchasing Skin Lightening Products

The cosmetics world is full of myths and urban legends about strange, disturbing and even dangerous substances that have been included in beauty products such as makeup and skin lotions including skin lighteners. Unfortunately, some of those rumors may be truer than you think.

A recent FDA investigation into heavy metals, chemicals, bacteria and other types of unwanted substances in skin lightening products, has revealed that your beauty routine could be placing your health at risk.

The research discovered that many imported skin lightening products contain mercury and other heavy metals at toxic levels. This does not produce only a mild risk, but is actually considered to be quite serious. There are cases of mercury contamination, as a result of the use of these products, where people have become quite ill.

Though this was not found in any American-made brands, the dangerous skin lightening products were discovered alongside other problematic formulations in import stores as well as at Middle Eastern, Asian and Latino market places. Many had labels that were exclusively in other languages, such as Chinese and Hindi. Care also needs to be taken when purchasing such products online.

Before using a lightening skin cream, make sure to carefully check its ingredients. This includes looking over the ingredients in the formula that you may currently be using. Checking is especially important if  you’re using an imported product from countries such as Mexico, India, or China, where the regulations regarding ingredients aren’t as strict as they are in the USA and many European countries. Though you should look on the label for the name “mercury”, don’t forget that it could be listed under another word such as: calomel, mercurous chloride, mercurio, or mercuric. Also, make sure that you don’t ever use a product that does not provide an ingredients list.

If you want to be especially certain to avoid these dangerous heavy metals, stick with using a reliable safely formulated product from a well known manufacturer who only uses safe and natural ingredients and who clearly labels their products. This way, you’ll obtain the results that you desire, without having to worry about whether or not hazardous ingredients could cause poisoning. While you always need to be vigilant when choosing a skin lightening product, this is especially true when undertaking any sort of intimate area bleaching such as anal or vaginal bleaching. If you have any questions or concerns, it is always best to consult with a professional medical practitioner first.

Reduce The Tummy Fat

What is belly fat reduction and how does it actually happen?


Lessening or reducing the size of your belly is actually decreasing or shedding of the extra fat from your waist or abdomen area. This is attained mainly by physical exercise, lifestyle improvements, and dieting. It can also be achieved by changing the usual eating habits and there direct connection with emotional equilibrium and positive thinking. Overweight in many people is due to their state of personal dissatisfaction, disappointments, or failure in different aspects of their life.

Listed below are some key elements that should be considered while aiming for some serious belly fat reduction.

1. First you have to determine what is causing the actual fat deposition. It is beneficial for you to know the source of the fat deposited around your waist. You can do your initial analysis based upon this or medical diagnosis can be done as well.

2. Set mini and accurate objectives. If you are looking for sudden drop of 10 to 20 pounds, then you should reconsider it because it can be risky. It is best to dodge distresses and further undesirable emotions about the way you look.

3. Do not force feed yourself with food that you do not like. Eat those that are both healthy and pleasant to you. Pay attention to your personal preferences when choosing which diet to follow.

4. Be optimistic and confident about yourself and the way you look. Never compare yourself with others and also stop setting the models as your idols. Every individual is unique and so are you.

5. Do not believe the advertisements that you see around yourself. They show deceptive and scheming content. The reduction in tummy fat occurs when your whole body loses the weight evenly. You cannot target a specific body part to shape.

6. Record you weight loss and check it weekly. Record your progress and it allows you to identify the work you have done. Keep track of your evolution as it will also make you feel good about it.

7. Reward yourself for the progress that is made every time. Celebrate every accomplishment that you see during your weight loss journey as it will give you emotional support and motivation both. Buy something nice, or go for a massage, get your nails done, go out with a friend, etc.

Following these simple steps will help you incorporate the changes in your lifestyle quickly and effectively. By doing this, you will soon notice the positive changes in your life, which will definitely make you happy. You will feel happy about the way you look and feel.

Fat Burning Techniques – Burn Fat Without Those “Magic Pills”

Healthy FoodLet me ask you an honest question here: Are you bothered with your bulky body?

Why aren’t you doing anything about it?

If you have tried everything already, what made you give up?

You surely have come across several online pitches already trying to sell you numerous different weight loss products and dieting plans, promising to help you reduce a lot of weight in about 7 days or so and they all had many testimonials on their sites from people who have lost all that weight using exactly that promoted weight loss product.

While I can not vouch for the efficacy of most of these programs, I would like to take some time today to discuss the basic steps that are sure to help you a great deal on your quest to a slimmer, sexier body.

If you are looking for positive results overnight then I’m sorry to say, it doesn’t work that way and it will never work that way. Doesn’t matter what they all say and there doesn’t exist any dieting pill which would do that either. To gain permanent, positive results, you need a program that is consistent and not a “quick fix” solution.

Here are some of my favorite ways to burn fat without resorting to harmful chemicals or “magic pills”:

Exercising: Following an effective workout program is the key to lose weight for the long term. A weight loss program is incomplete without a proper exercise plan. Some effective workouts for losing weight are:

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Squats
  • Sit ups
  • Lunges
  • Interval training, etc.

Proper diet: It is quite surprising to know eating can help you lose weight, provided you eat the right kind of food. Eatables like whole grain foods and foods with more fiber can help significantly in losing weight. However, you also have to put yourself in to a healthy eating habit which means you should not only eat the right food but also the proper amount of food.

Healthy life: It is very important that you bring about healthy changes in your present life and quit unhealthy habits. Some of these changes would mean:

  • Fixed time to sleep and eat.
  • Proper sleep at night (8-9 hours is good enough).
  • Quit bad habits like smoking and drinking.
  • Eat healthy.
  • Drink enough water, preferably 8-9 glasses per day.

Follow these tips as well as the ones you can find at: http://www.weightlossbesttips.org and believe me, you will be surprised to see the difference in as few as a few weeks time! But don’t cheat! Keep the effort consistent and don’t lose focus.

To boost your results and leverage your efforts, I strongly recommend using the latest in sports and exercising technology to help you shed fat without harmful chemicals or costly equipment.

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Using Intense Workout Routines to Torch Calories


Anticipating to burn your calories? Prepare yourself – you are going to need Intense Workout Routines.

As a car burns or uses more fuel when it is speeded up so do the body torch more calories when speeded up. To speed up the body, you need to increase the heart rate (body speedometer) using intense workout routines. The workout routines need to be varied depending on the situations to stay challenging. By doing that, you will keep your heart rate pushing to new high levels enabling you to burn more calories. But before embarking on intense workout routines, you should always consult your doctor on whether your body can handle it. There are some intense workout routines that can make your efforts worthwhile like quick cross-fit series and interval intense workout routines. Below is a full discussion on one of the best intense workout routines –interval workout.

The workout was developed by Michael Banks who is the owner of Body by Banks and a personal trainer in Salt Lake City. The interval workout routine aims at cardio blasting through intense challenges & recovery. The routine uses a treadmill but of course you can add some dumbbells to strengthen the challenges. It includes the following routines:

· Warm up – power walk on the treadmill when the incline is set in a challenging angle. Walk at a speed of around 3 to 3.5 for a good 7 minutes. Ensure you keep your elbows are above your heart, then stop, then get off the treadmill, then finally stretch.

· Sprint – increase the speed of the treadmill after dropping the incline to the base level, then take 30 seconds to sprint hard. Remember you should always aim for 90 percent heart rate limit. For recovery, slow down to 3 and take one minute walk.

· Squats – after the treadmill action, squat with your legs close but apart and your bottom to your rear. While in the same position, jump 15 to 20 times while working your quadriceps.

· Overhead presses – push the weights straight up and perpendicular to your shoulders for 15 to 20 times.

· Sprint – sprint for around 30 seconds when the incline level is at 0 making your heart rate to rise to 80 percent. To recover, do the same one minute walk as before.

· Triceps extensions – perform extensions using the dumbbells like 15 to 20 overhead triceps.

· Pushups – do 15 pushups when the elbows are at 90 degrees, then do 25 pushups with the knees on the ground.

· Sprint – sprint for 1 min, then jog for one and half minutes.

· Jumping jacks – do 15 to 20 jumping jacks, then if possible lift up 20 to 30 pound dumbbells in an overhead position.

· Finale – set the treadmill angle to a challenging one, then walk at a speed of 2 to 3.5 for 30 seconds. For recovery, incline to 1 and walk for one minute at a low speed of 1.9 to 2.0.